Zipandas is a salon that specialises in hair extensions, using the latest techniques to bring you damage free, gorgeous hair.
We offer FREE consultations and spend time listening to your needs and discussing what works best for you and how to get your dream look.

Extensions are a service that have developed so much over the years. Gone are the days when extensions were used solely for additional length. Now we have so many clients using extensions for thickness, colour, shape and much more and we want you to do the same! Should you need more thickness to your hair or want a colour but think you might get bored of it after a while, or are you worried about the condition of your hair after colour….why not think about EXTENSIONS!

Weave Extensions

Weave extensions are one of the quickest and easiest ways to get that quick WOW you are looking for with length or thickness.

With this method we add one or more rows of extensions onto small micro rings and sew them in.  They sit beautifully flat and are virtually undetectable and incredibly comfortable.

These extensions will last 6-8week and will grow down with your natural hair causing no damage meaning your own hair will also continue to grow.

From £55 per single weft. Hair not included.


Micro Ring Extensions

The micro ring hair extension technique combines strands of your natural hair with micro ring hair extensions and are secured in with a small bead.

This method is great for adding length and thickness all over or in one area however the hair should be of medium thickness to begin with.

These will last you up to 3 months with good after care.

£1.50 per strand for application. Hair not included.

Nano Ring Extensions

This Nano ring technology is very similar to the micro ring method however the nano ring is 90% smaller meaning it is much more discreet and better for clients with thinner hair.  This technique means each individual strand of hair we add will mimic your own for the ultra natural look These will last you up to 3 months with good after care.

£1.50 per strand for application. Hair not included.


Tape Extension

Tape Extensions are small 4cm wide wefts that are taped in between sections of your own hair. These extensions are the flattest and most discreet and really quick to apply. These Tape Extensions will add luscious volume with a seamless finish. These will last 6-8weeks before needing to be removed and then replaced.

For 10 tapes the application is £65. Hair not included.

All our staff are fully trained in micro and nano ring extensions which can last up to 3 months depending on hair quality. Also, we have temporary weft extensions which will last you up to 4 weeks. Either way please book in for your FREE consultation, tell us what you are trying to achieve and we can then see if extensions can transform the way you do your hair!

Don't your appointment today to get beautiful hair!!!